Kapitel 4 Avgifter

08  Enligt List of Coast Stations and Special Service Stations kostar ett operatörskopplat

VHF-samtal 1,74 SDR/min: Land Line Charge är inkluderad i de 1,74 SDR

Summa 2*1,74 =  3,48SDR

Utdrag ur List of Coast Stations and Special Service Stations.

AAIC - Charges and accounting authorities The following information has been replicated from the previous edition as no amendments were communicated by this administration.

A Accounting authority: Telemar Scandinavia AB, P.O. Box 9304, SE 400 97 Gothenburg (Sweden). TF: +46 31 89 28 10 E-mail: marianne.eknedal@telemar.se Contact: Marianne Eknedal

H Radiotelephone calls (minimum 1 min.)

1. Land station charge

MF: 1.74 SDR/min.

HF: 1.33 SDR/min.

VHF: 1.74 SDR/min.

2. Landline charge Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden: the landline charge is included in the land station charge.