Kapitel 6. Nöd-, il- och varningstrafik

2. Nödmeddelande

The distress message which follows the distress call should be given in the following form:

– the distress signal “MAYDAY”;

– the name of the vessel in distress;

– the call sign or other identification;

– the MMSI (if the initial alert has been sent by DSC);

– the position, given as the latitude and longitude, or if    the latitude and longitude are not known or if time is    insufficient,  in relation to a known geographical location;

– the nature of the distress;

– the kind of assistance required;

– any other useful information. (WRC-12)


Exempel på nödmeddelande:
Mayday -
Hamburg -
MMSI 265010000
Psn 57-38N 011-10E at 1200UTC -
Fire in engine room -
Crew of 20 -
Leaving ship within 15 minutes -
Need immediate assistance -

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Utdrag ur radioreglementet.

32.6 § 5 Transmissions by radiotelephony shall be made slowly and distinctly, each word

being clearly pronounced to facilitate transcription.

32.7 § 6 The phonetic alphabet and figure code in Appendix 14 and the abbreviations and

signals in accordance with the most recent version of Recommendation ITU-R M.1172 should be

used where applicable1. (WRC-03)