Kapitel 6. Nöd-, il- och varningstrafik


In radiotelephony, on the selected working frequency, the safety call and message should consist of the following:

– the safety signal “SECURITE”, spoken three times;

– the name of the called station or “ALL STATIONS”, spoken three times;

– the words “THIS IS”;

– the name of the station transmitting the safety message, spoken  three times;

– the call sign or any other identification;

– the MMSI (if the initial alert has been sent by DSC);

– the text of the safety message. (WRC-12)

På intershipfrekvens efter annonsering på kanal 70 (DSC) och 16( VHF)

Securite - Securite - Securite - All stations - All stations - All stations -
this is (own shipname and callsign/MMSI) -
with navigational warning no 1 -
Drifting buoy observed in route tango - psn 57-30N 011-30E - ships in the area - keep sharp lookout - date and time XXXXXXUTC - out