Kapitel 6. Nöd-, il-, varningstrafik mm


25. Om ingen CRS/JRCC/MRCC kvitterar ett mottaget DSC nödlarm skall detta reläas till land. Obs att larmet skall reläas till CRS/MRCC ej till "All Ships"

Utdrag ur Radioreglementet

32.19E 6) The distress call relay sent by radiotelephony should be given in the following form:

– the distress signal “MAYDAY RELAY”, spoken three times;

– the words “ALL STATIONS” or coast station name, as appropriate, spoken three times;

– the words “THIS IS”;

– the name of the relaying station, spoken three times;

– the call sign or other identification of the relaying station;

– the MMSI (if the initial alert has been sent by DSC) of the relaying station (the vessel not in distress). (WRC-12)

32.19F 7) This call shall be followed by a distress message which shall, as far as possible, repeat the information7 contained in the original distress alert or distress message. (WRC-07)